Mankulam is a small village located in the Idukki district of the Indian state of Kerala. It is situated in the midst of the Western Ghats mountain range, surrounded by lush greenery, dense forests, and picturesque landscapes. Here's an overview:

Location: Mankulam is nestled in the Western Ghats, approximately 43 kilometers (27 miles) northeast of Munnar, another popular hill station in Kerala. Key Features:

Natural Beauty: Mankulam is known for its serene ambiance and natural beauty. The village is surrounded by mist-covered hills, tea plantations, and dense forests, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts.

Tea Plantations: Like much of the region around Munnar, Mankulam is characterized by vast expanses of tea plantations. Visitors can explore the lush green tea gardens, learn about tea cultivation and processing, and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes.

Trekking: The rugged terrain and scenic trails around Mankulam offer excellent opportunities for trekking and hiking. Adventurous travelers can embark on guided treks through the forested hills, enjoying the cool mountain air and stunning vistas along the way.

Wildlife: Mankulam and its surrounding areas are home to a variety of wildlife species, including elephants, gaurs, Nilgiri langurs, and various bird species. Nature enthusiasts may encounter wildlife during their treks or while exploring the forests.

Waterfalls: The region around Mankulam is dotted with several beautiful waterfalls, offering refreshing spots to relax and unwind amidst nature's bounty. Some popular waterfalls near Mankulam include Attukal Waterfalls and Lakkam Waterfalls.

Climate: Mankulam enjoys a pleasant climate throughout the year, with cool temperatures and occasional rainfall, typical of hill station areas in Kerala. The summer months (March to May) are relatively mild, while the monsoon season (June to September) brings lush greenery and occasional showers.

Activities: The primary activities in Mankulam revolve around nature and outdoor exploration. Visitors can enjoy trekking, birdwatching, photography, tea plantation tours, and relaxing amidst the tranquil surroundings.
Overall, Mankulam offers a serene and off-the-beaten-path destination for travelers looking to immerse themselves in the natural beauty and tranquility of Kerala's hill country.